Holiday Home in Es Grau, Menorca, Spain

Terms and Conditions

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Rental Contract

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To cover the rental of our holiday house in Es Grau, Menorca 

Darren & Aurelia Whitfield. 

1, Walden Cottages, Westwood Lane, Normandy, Surrey. GU32JB 

(                                                        ) – Tenant – 

1 Rental object and keys 

(1) The Advertiser lets the following property to the Tenant: 

DRIFTWOOD  C/ D’es Bots 9 
Es Grau, Mahon. 07703 Menorca, Illes Balears. 

3 Bedroom House 

For a total of ____6_____ people inclusive of children. 
The rental property is a non-smoking property with no pets allowed. 

  • (2) The rental property is fully equipped and furnished. 
Bed and bath linens are included in the price & available on arrival.
  • (3) The Tenant is entitled to use the furnishings during the rental period: 
excluding our car, scooter and boat.
  • (4) The Tenant receives house keys for the duration of the rental period. 

2 Rental period, arrival and departure 

  • (1) The rental property is let to the Tenant from _________________ (arrival date) until _______________ (departure date). 

  • (2) The arrival time on the arrival day is ____3:00pm_____________________________. 

  • (3) The departure time on the day of departure ____10am____________________________. 

At the end of the rental period the Tenant is to vacate the property and return the keys to the Advertiser or the Advertiser’s agent. 

A charge will be made for lost keys or replacement locks.

At the end of the rental period the Tenant should leave the property in similar condition to that in which it was found. Any additional cleaning costs incurred by the Advertiser may be passed on to the Tenant at their sole discretion. 

3 Rental price and payment methods  (rates may vary across the season)

  • (1) The rental price is   €       Euros per week- high season                                    The rental price is €       Euros per week- mid season                                The rental price is €      Euros per week- Standard rate                             The rental price is €      Euros per week- Low season -1                                         The rental price is €       Euros per week- Low season -2
  • For any rentals less than 7 nights a €100.00 (Euro) cleaning/laundry fee will be added to the total cost of rent, this is payable at time of booking.

 (2) The amount is payable in Euros to our local Spanish Bank Account: 


IBAN: ES92 2038 3298 1060 0038 9295 



UK Banking details-

‘First direct Bank’ (a part of the HSBC group)

Account Details:

SORT CODE: 404760


 (3) If the Tenant is more than 14 days late in paying, the Advertiser is entitled to terminate the contract immediately and without notice and to let the property to someone else. 

4 Cancellation and early termination 

(1) If the Tenant terminates this contract before the arrival date and doesn’t name a replacement that accepts the same terms, they are responsible for paying the following penalty fees to cover costs (excluding cleaning), as long as a further rental is not possible: 

The Tenant is required to pay a deposit of 25% of the agreed rental price within 14 days of receiving the bill, into the above account details. The remaining balance is to be paid into the same account at least 60 days before the arrival date. If the time elapsed between the signing of this contract and the arrival date is less than 60 days, then the total rental fee is payable immediately into the above account. 


  • –  up to 49 days before rental period: 
 10 % of rental price
  • –  up to 35 days before rental period: 
 15 % of rental price
  • –  up to 21 days before rental period: 
 50 % of rental price
  • –  up to 14 days before rental period: 
 75 % of rental price

–  Less than 14 days before rental period: 
 100 % of rental price. 

The Advertiser can thereafter let the property to someone else. 

  • (2) If the Tenant terminates their stay before the departure date for any reason, they are still obliged to pay the full rental price. 

  • (3) Termination must be made in writing. The date of termination is considered to be date the document is received by the Advertiser. 

  • (1) The rental property including the furniture and the other contents are to be treated with care. The Tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people, including any guests or visitors they might have, within the house. The Tenant is liable for any damaged goods, damage to the property or damage to anything else related to the property (e.g. boat, scooter or car), whether caused by themselves or their accompanying guests or visitors. 

  • (2) Faults that are found before or during the rental period are to be reported to the Advertiser immediately. 

(3) Animals are not allowed in the house, no Parking is offered with the house

  • (4) House rules: the Tenant agrees to follow the house rules. These are provided in the property. 

5 Contract wording and clause 

(1) Changes and alterations to this contract are required to be in writing. 

(2) If any of the legal requirements set out in this contract are inoperative or impractical, or become so after completion of the contract, the effectiveness of the remainder of the contract will not be affected. 

In the case that you are entering into this contract with an individual in another country please specify:

(3) This contract relates to the law of the following country’s UK & Spain 


_____________________ ___________________ Signature Tenant 

Darren Whitfield______________________________ Signature Advertiser